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  Inspiring Social Change Through Sustainable Health
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Seeds in the Middle is grateful to anyone, anywhere who wants to help. We say that any donation, even a minute or a penny, is more than we had yesterday.

It can be time, services, goods, or just cash. Whatever it is, we are certain you can change the trajectory of a child’s life.

We call upon the volunteerism and generosity of the U.S. "village" - crossing cultural, socioeconomic, racial, religious divides to build bridges of trust and opportunity and support.
All offers welcome. Here are examples:
CHEFS can guide our school chefs and host joyous dinner parties to show healthy cooking.
BUILDERS AND GARDENERS can support indoor and outdoor growing.
FOOD VENDORS AND FINANCIAL EXPERTS can support our Hip2B Healthy Market.
EXPERT EDUCATORS support teachers, curriculum growth, students
ATHLETES, WRITERS, ARTISTS inspire our parents and students.
needy children.
EXPERIENCED PTA officers can gudie
underprivileged parents

NYC Dept. of Parks and Recreation Green Thumb

New York Agriculture in the Classroom

“Childhood Obesity is a Serious Concern in
New York City”
These are examples of what you can make possible with cash donations. And there’s more:
All offers welcome. Here are examples:
$75 Sponsors one child for one 10-week
soccer season
$150 Buys a bike for the May 2nd 5-Boro Bike Tour
$1,600 Pays for a local artist to teach a 8-week dance school residency serving at least 50 children
$250 subsidizes one week of the Hip2B Healthy Market for one school so children can buy nutritious snacks for as little as a quarter
$150 Buys a bike for the May 2nd 5-Boro Bike Tour
$200 pays for fresh fruits/vegetables for one family for one month
$50 pays for 12 boxes of Annie’s Homegrown Gummy Bears (six packets each): Each packet sells for a quarter at our Hip2B Healthy Market.
$25 pays for one family to attend a dinner party and take home a recipe card and ingredients for a healthy meal demonstrated by a chef.

Donate gardening supplies.
$150 pays for a growing table in a classroom
$100 pays for 8 bags of outdoor soil for planting beds.
$50 pays for an assortment of seeds or starter plants

Sponsor an artist in the schools: $1,600 grants an
8-week residency serving 50 children.
Here’s what some corporations are doing for us!

Home Depot custom-built 44 indoor planting tables for every classroom so every child has a chance to grow. Fishs Eddy donated 72 sets of china for dinner parties featuring master chefs teaching healthy cooking. Lowe’s started us with a $5,000 outdoor classroom grant. Whole Foods Market offers gift certificates to subsidize our Hip2B Healthy Market.

We’ll feature your logo on our website and publicity materials for any gifts of $3,000 or more.
Hip2B Healthy TASTES Cook-off This Sat., Nov. 13
Enjoy delicacies from fine chefs from the Caribbean to Europe and beyond; and party with our Seeds in the Middle community. It's a win-win! You get to savor top cuisine and our city's children get healthy! Hey, Kids! Win a prize if you're first to figure out all 15 fruits in Arcane's fruit salad! All! Vote for best dish! Featuring Pour Gourmet (and their special Seeds in the Middle sauce), Veggies and the Caribbean cooks of Crown Heights, lower East Side's  Arcane, Kafana, Zum Schneider, Pain d'Avignon and Brooklyn chefs from the islands and West Indies and beyond. More chefs welcome!

$20 for five tastes. Cash bar! Raffle! Say hello to one of our veteran educators, former Principal Solomon Long, an inspiration behind Seeds in the Middle.

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