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  Inspiring Social Change Through Sustainable Health
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Both indoor and outdoor gardens help children learn where food comes from and improve nutritional knowledge. Our gardening lessons are tied into math, literacy and science curriculum. Children are planting pizza gardens, salsa gardens, herbs, salads and growing flowers for Mother’s Day! We thank Home Depot for building a planting table for every classroom so every child has a chance to grow. See our photo gallery and learn more! Our other partners: Lowe’s, New York City Parks Department GreenThumb, Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Council for the Environment of New York City, the New York Restoration Project, Cornell University, New York University

Named by fourth graders, this school-run stand sells nutritious, organic snacks and fresh produce for as little as a quarter to compete with the bodegads’ chips, sodas and junk food. Children learn business skills, advertising, marketing, supply and demand, and more. Made possible by donations from Whole Foods Market, Y Water, Dr. Kracker and more. We know we’re having an impact because the nearest bodega dropped its candy prices!


Teachers learn and brainstorm to develop a model curriculum, integrating lessons on gardening, cooking, nutrition, marketing and environmental education to boost math, literacy, science and social studies skills. They are guided by Cornell University and New York University professors and experts in gardening and culinary arts. For example, children figure out how to determine which plants outdoors grow better in shade or sun, compare nutrition labels from products sold at local food outlets and organic gummy bears, explore links between food, exercise and calories.
We began the first-ever youth soccer program for two schools in the Crown Heights neighborhood. Physical fitness opportunities, sports and community-building are offered during the school day and afterward with soccer and track, with more to come. Watch our students ride for the first time in the Bike New York TD Bank 5-Boro Bike Tour on May 2. We also engage parents to exercise, teach and run classes and activities with children. Look for boxing and salsa soon!

Professional chefs train adults and children how to prepare nutritional, low-fat delectable dishes through hands-on culinary classes during the school day and cooking demos and dinner parties at night. See our Chef Dave Dinner Party, where the master chef proved to the community how to cook enough chicken, potatoes and fresh vegetables to feed a family for two days for the price of a fast food combo meal. (link)

School chefs are being inspired by culinary experts to creatively prepare tasty, alluring, nutritional breakfasts and lunches using school food ingredients. We are led by the New York Coalition for Healthy School Food and volunteer chefs. Watch as we roll out the first new recipe the week of April 12th. See the delectable entry into a citywide recipe contest by school chef and her team.
Students and teachers visit outside farms, community gardens, schools, farmers markets, Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, Queens Farm Museum, and other urban farms. Our partners are Greenmarket, Wilklow Orchards, fellow community gardener enthusiasts, the Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture.

We teach how to compost, recycle, beautify surroundings and become environmental stewards. Stay tuned for our worm composting workshop.

A faculty-created Hip2B Healthy Literacy Night featured teachers whipping up smoothies and yogurt delights, blending fresh apple and carrot juices, jump rope and hula hoop contests and more. Our dinner parties hosted by professional chefs delight all, along with our family cooking workshops.

This spring, we partner with the Council for the Environment of New York City’s Greenmarket to create the first-ever Youthmarket in Crown Heights’ Hamilton Metz Park, run by paid high school students.

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